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Technology Advantages Disadvantages
Solar Pannels
  • Easy maintenance
  • No Noise
  • No dangerous emissions
  • Easy to impliment
  • Off at night.
  • Currently expensive
  • high land requirements
  • Energy needs to be stored
  • Silicon is in short supply
Wind Power
  • Cost Effective
  • Always On
  • Large output variations
  • visually intrusive
  • Some worry about the noise
  • birds occasionally fly into the rotor blades
  • Sites need to have a reliable source of wind
  • Can be expensive to maintain
  • Always On
  • well-established
  • No bi-products
  • One of the most efficient energy sources
  • Electricity can be stored by pumping water back to the top.
  • Large construction costs
  • Some need massive structures that can result in widespread disturbance and damage.
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to maintain
  • Always On
  • Need a suitable site
  • Some Designs are noisy
  • Must withstand bad weather
  • stable energy source
  • Large resource
  • Always On
  • can be set up only in volcanic regions
  • Can be large setup costs
  • Can be used to make liquid fuels
  • no sulphur emissions
  • Reduced methane emissions
  • helps reduce the need for waste disposal
  • Carbon neutral
  • Possible increased afforestation
  • Large volumes of biomass are needed
  • Energy and food crops may compete
  • Still in its early stages
  • Currently Expensive
  • Can undermine biodiversity
  • Reduces methane emissions
  • Efficient use of waste products
  • Larger volumes of landfill are needed
Passive Solar    
Solar Towers
  • On its way, commercial power plants are just about here.
  • Cost Effective
  • Always On
  • Takes up a large area of land
  • Needs the right site
  • Large Construction (will be the tallest man made structures in the world)
Solar Furnaces    
  • Always On
  • No Emissions
  • Expensive to construct
  • Environmental effects of altering natural watercourses
Blue Energy
  • Very Clean
  • Very little spaced used.
  • Reliable constant source of energy
  • Needs to have constant stream of fresh water so there may be limited sites.
  • Not quite here yet

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