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Fisher and Paykel Generators/Alternators.

Fisher and Paykel are an Australian and New Zealand company that make white goods and are available around the world. As part of their range they make a type of washing machine called the 'Smart Drive', which has a great motor, which they call the "Direct Drive Motor".
Fisher And Paykel Washing Machine           Fisher and Paykel Motor

Someone at some point discovered that these also make near perfect generators with great efficiencies, especially at lower speeds. These have also been found to have numerous other advantages.
  • They can tolerate large amp loads so do not easily burn out.
  • They are easily convertible for whatever voltage you require.
  • They have a stainless steel, toothed shaft for easily attaching your driving mechanism.
  • And they have great corrosion resistance as they are designed to be used in washing machines and thus exposed to water on occasion.
  • And best of all, if you live in an area in which they are sold, people usually are throwing them out once the washing machine breaks down, so you can get them for free or next to nothing.


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