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Fisher and Paykel Generators/Alternators.

On the previous page we mentioned that we were wiring in star configuration, which basically looks like this
Star Configuration

But you may also want to wire in it a delta configuration which looks something like this
Delta Configuration

Or if we were wiring the Fisher and Paykel motor it would look like this.
Fisher and Paykel Delta Configuration

Why would you choose one over the other though? At higher speeds the delta works better and at lower the star. To take advantage of this several systems wire the motor as such
Fisher and Paykel Dual Configuration

Wiring it is looks messy but once you get your head around it it's not to hard at all. Previously we joined all the first wires to one central wire (output A), all the second wires to one central wire (output B) and all the third wires to one central wire (output C). Then the fourth,fifth and six in each set we join together for the center of the star configuration. Now instead of making star centers we are going to join all the forth wires to one central wire (output D), all the fifth wires to one central wire (output E) and finally all the sixth wires to one central wire (output F). Then with it wired like this, you can build a switch between the two configurations. If you join (d), (e) and (f) together then your outputs are (a), (b) and (c) in a star configuration. If you join (a) and (f) to one output, (b) and (d) to one output and (c) and (e) to one output then you have a delta configuration. The wiring diagram below has taken each of the outputs (A-F) above and put in switches in a circuit. with the switches flicked to the left it's in star configuration, to the right it's in a delta configuration.
Delta or Star Switch

You can do this manually or if you are clever enough you build a circuit to monitor the speed and swap between them automatically. Good Luck!


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