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Grid Powered Battery Charger - The Software

by Tom Woods from http://www.altenergyweb.com/gridcharger.htm

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PIC 16F676 Software

Programming your own PIC chips requires additional equipment and skills. If you just want to get operating, I suggest you purchase a preprogrammed chip. Kits and ordering information is found on the last page. For the adventurous pic programmers, here is the Grid Charger Hex file and/or Grid Charger asm file. These files contain the programming instructions for the PIC 16F676 microcontroller chip. The hex file is ready to be loaded into a PIC programmer. The asm file is intended for programmers who wish to modify the program or understand how it works. Configuration bits are shown below.

    PIC 16F676 Configuration Bits
Oscillator: LP
Watchdog Timer: Disabled
Power-up Timer: Disabled
Brown-out Reset: Disabled
MCLR Pin Function: Reset
Code: Not Protected
Data EEPROM: Not Protected

go to    The Plans    The Software    The Instructions    Order One

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