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Our Favourite Links

New!  My Green Blog - Day to day ideas and rants.
Pheedback.Org - Independent Consumer Feedback and Reviews on organisations around globe.
Led your light shine - A whole world of LED's funny, with some cool stuff and information.
gotwind.org - DIY resource website for small scale renewable energy enthusiasts.
USB-Hub - USB devices are great low per power users, you should have a look through a few if you are looking for low consumption products and supply your own 5volt power to them. These guys have some good funny reviews on them to help you pick.
Ecosustainable - Environment, sustainability exchange portal to facilitate networking, sharing. Ecosustainable exchange sites, tools, products, services, technologies.
Backwoods Home Magazine - Practical ideas for self-reliant living.
The Back Shed - DIY Windmill kits - Clear instructions and kits for you homemade windmill projects.
Bloject - A great place to record your projects as you do them.
the-rubber-band - Rubber band powered - funny and 'green' motors.
CirKits - CirKits sells great electronic circuit board kits for solar power applications.
Wind Stuff Now - A great website with lots of information about wind projects
Home Power magazine - is the Hands-on Journal of Home-Made Power. If you are interested in: making your own electricity from renewable energy, alternative vehicles, or finding out the latest in related technologies and life-styles, then this publication can keep you up to date.

Lastest Link

My Green Blog - Day to dayideas and rants.

Other Great Links

Clean Energy Ideas - The use of natural energy sources to save the earth from devastation

Godfreys DIY - Godfreys do it yourself home improvement stores for all your DIY needs.
FrugalFun.com - offers frugal resources for fun, entrepreneurship, and how to save those dollars.
SociallyResponsible.Org - We help socially responsible people and businesses find each other with our comprehensive eco-friendly resources directory. From socially responsible investing to organic food to solar utilities, we help foster the green lifestyle, one link at a time. The planet is in your hands. Handle with care.
The Solar Industry's Water Heater Bible - Solar Hot Water Systems: Lessons Learned 1977 to Today
Environmental Directory - A Good list of lots of environmental resources.
Alternative Power & Energy - Solar, Wind, Hydro-electric and more
Total Wind Power - Wind Power - See Total Wind Power books, videos, and other great resources.
SBT Designs - Your Alternative Energy Source
Solar-Power-Resources - Your source for information on solar power, solar cells, PV, net metering and living off grid.
GreenEnergy website - A great resource for sources with some interesting ongoing projects.
Making Biodiesel. - A great, really detailed article on how to make Biodiesel.
Discover Solar Energy - a comprehensive resource of more than 8,000+ renewable energy links to relevant websites of individuals, governments and organizations.
Green Energy News - This put's my news to shame. It's a great source of new information in the world of green energy.
jdtek - Where we get our computer gear in Sydney. They always do a good job and look after us.
Green Energy Jobs - It's most hobbiests dream, to work in the industry. Perhaps you can. Find out here.
Earthtoys - Alternative And Renewable Energy News, Emagazine And Library
Green Trust Sustainability & Renewable Energy -
PlanetArk - Planet Ark's aim is to show people and business the many ways that they can reduce their day to day impact on the environment.
HowStuffWorks - Can't work something out. This a brilliant resource that explains just about anything in a very easy to understand way.
Other Power - Has some good resources on wind power.
Cheap solar generator instructions -
Homemade Wind Projects. -
Go Solar Power - Source for solar power!
SolarBlog - Renewable Energy and Solar Cell Technology News - Power from the Sun.

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