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Green Energy News for 03-01-2011

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Navigating Your Energy Risk View Articles
Even without an economy-wide price on carbon, many businesses are going green both as a way to save money and as a hedge against the rising cost of fossil fuels. Editor`s Note: This introduction begins our Business Impact report on the topic of Corporate Energy Strategy, unfolding here daily throughout January.Businesses can be excused for feeling some confusion about what to do about their energy consumption. Though they`ve been told to expect an economy-wide price on carbon, the U.S. Congress failed to impose one last year, and the nations participating in the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009 did not reach a binding agreement on how to cut carbon dioxide emissions. But despite the uncertainties about what national energy policy will bring, companies ranging from big-box retailers like Wal-Mart and Costco to high-tech leaders like Google and Cisco to industrial behemoths like General Electric and IBM are embracing cleaner energy technologies that lower their carbon footprints and reduce their overall reliance on fossil fuels.The overriding motivation has become one of simple economics. "Some of these things just pencil out well," says Greg Neichin, a managing director at the Cleantech Group, a market intelligence firm. Indeed, a new report from Environmental Leader, a publisher of energy news and research, found that the majority of nearly 400 companies now generating their own renewable energy are doing so in order to reduce operating costs or to hedge against the prospect of higher prices for fossil fuels (see chart on next page).
State to provide closer regulation of growing green energy niche View Articles
Sue McCarthy of Pawcatuck wants to switch to an all-green electricity supplier, but she`s still hedging her bets.
Idaho wind farms want to sell energy credits View Articles
A company representing eight wind farms in south-central Idaho wants to sell renewable energy credits to California utilities while retaining the energy produced by the wind farms.
Ecology Matters by Duke Vasey: Solar Energy View Articles
Here we are a short 80 plus years later and as 2011 opens we, quite literally, talk about oil running out and can`t get excited about either coal or nuclear.
Nominations Extended To January 15, 2011! Nominate a Renewable Energy Project, Leader or Innovation Now! View Articles
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