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Green Energy News for 25-12-2011

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Mortenson Construction: A move into renewable energy View Articles
Mortenson Construction has developed a major national footprint in wind and solar energy, and is getting more than one-fourth of its revenue from renewable energy projects.
State Legislator Weighs In On Wind Turbine Deal View Articles
A new ruling by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission has a lot of locals upset, while wind enthusiasts celebrate a big victory.
Woodstock, NY features solar-powered menorah View Articles
A Jewish group in Woodstock, N.Y. is trading its candles for solar energy with a sun-powered Hanukkah menorah.
Solar Grid Parity 101: How the Cross-Over Occurs View Articles
Solar grid parity is considered the tipping point for solar power, when installing solar power will cost less than buying electricity from the grid.A It`s also a tipping point in the electricity system, when millions of Americans can choose energy production and self-reliance over dependence on their electric utility.
First Solar Never So Cheap in Takeover Boon for Energy: Real M&A View Articles
For acquirers willing to wager on the future of solar power, First Solar Inc. has gotten $22 billion cheaper.
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