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Green Energy News for 05-01-2012

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Survey: Lawmakers Unsure Of Wind Energy Tax Cut View Articles
A survey by The Associated Press indicates South Dakota lawmakers are taking a wait-and-see attitude on a proposal to cut construction taxes on wind farms to help South Dakota compete with nearby states in attracting projects that generate electricity from wind.
China Sets New Record For Renewable Energy Storage View Articles
BYD A Co., which counts Warren Buffett as an investor, has completed the world`s largest lithium-ion battery project to bottle wind and solar electricity in China, which will likely see more large energy storage projects as a result of its ambition to add lots more renewable energy.
American Exceptionalism and Renewable Energy: What the Tea Party Missed in 2011 View Articles
In the political gladiator wars within the U.S. parties, there is mostly heated mud-slinging. This fighting may make great sound bites, but it doesn`t make much sense. Republicans are attacking everything "green" mainly because the president has made "green" a major theme of his administration. But many republicans over the decades have embraced green: If you heard former California republican Governor Schwarzenegger speak recently at the ACORE dinner or sitting Governor Haley Barbour (former head of the Republican National Committee) speak about the new biofuel and PV manufacturing plants in Mississippi, you`d wonder what all the fuss is about.
Siemens to make turbine blades for offshore wind farm View Articles
BURLINGTON, ONT. Windstream Wolfe Island Shoals has signed a deal with Siemens Canada to supply up to 130 turbines for a 300-megawatt offshore wind power project on Lake Ontario.
Solar Panels Compete With Cheap Natural Gas View Articles
Renewable energy is growing rapidly in the U.S., with wind and solar industries enjoying double-digit growth each year.
Investment in African Renewable Energy Reaches $3.6 Billion in 2011 View Articles
Although Africa has vast fossil and renewable energy sources, only twenty percent of its population has direct access to electricity and in some rural areas, four out of five people are completely without power.
Man gets 12 years in prison for green energy scam View Articles
Federal prosecutors say a Carson man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for getting dozens of people to invest a total of more than $1 million in a non-existent wind energy technology business.
Satcon Tech Plans To Cut 35 Percent Of Workforce View Articles
Satcon Technology Corp. said Wednesday it plans to cut 140 jobs, or about 35 percent of its workforce, and close a factory in Canada to reduce costs as demand slides for solar power installations around the world.
Insurance for Crossing the Valley of Death View Articles
To achieve a modest reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions, global investment in renewable energy assets would need to increase from current levels of about $100 billion per year to $500 billion per year. Some of this increase can be accomplished by investment in existing, commercially proven technologies; but to meet the challenge of rapidly scaling renewable energy, we also need to roll out cutting-edge technologies.
China Increases Target for Wind Power Capacity to 1,000 GW by 2050 View Articles
The National Energy Administration of China has set a series of development goals for the country`s renewable energy sector during the 12th Five-year Development Plan, which shows that by 2015 the country`s wind power capacity will reach 100 GW, based on the current capacity of 40 GW.
Ocean robots could farm fuel from algae View Articles
The biofuel farm contained only a small wind turbine, solar panel and container of green scum packed within a tub-size frame floating on the water. But its design could someday spawn fleets of robotic farms that harness the ocean winds and sunshine to make cheap, algae-based biodiesel fuel for cars, trains and aircraft.
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