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Green Energy News for 08-01-2012

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Implanted Biofuel Cell Converts Bugs Chemistry Into Electricity View Articles
Salmond signs Abu Dhabi green energy deal View Articles
Alex Salmond has struck a deal with Abu Dhabi renewables giant Masdar to boost the sector in Scotland.
LePage opposes renewable energy initiative in Maine View Articles
In his weekly radio address Saturday, LePage says the Maine Citizens for Clean Energy Coalition is collecting signatures for a November ballot initiative that would increase energy costs while "padding the pockets" of special interests.
Gabrielle Stebbins: `Renewable Energy Vermont will push for a tax on... View Articles
Gabrielle Stebbins: "Renewable Energy Vermont will push for a tax on the dry-cask storage of nuclear waste to keep the Clean Energy Development Fund going." Gabrielle Stebbins, executive director of Renewable Energy Vermont, with the solar panels on the roof of ECHO in Burlington on Wednesday, January 4, 2012.
Canada-to-Gulf pipeline can be do.. View Articles
The fire sale of a taxpayer-backed ethanol plant in Georgia and the collapse of a California maker of solar panels despite $535 million in federal loan guarantees and the generous government subsidies intended to lure reluctant motorists into electric vehicles show that alternative fuels are no easy answer to American energy needs.
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