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Green Energy News for 03-12-2012

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Slashdot Asks: SATA DVD Drives That Don`t Suck for CD Ripping? View Articles
I recently retired my ancient AthlonMP rig for something a bit more modern, and in the upgrade got a new DVD±RW drive. Since I have the new rig and a lot more disk space, the time has come to re-rip my ~450 disc CD collection into FLAC (I trust active storage more than optical discs that may or may not last another twenty years). The optical drive I had in my old rig was one recommended by Hydrogen Audio or somewhere similar for ripping CDs, and can grab an hour long album in about five minutes. My new drive, unfortunately, takes about fifteen to do the same. With the number of discs I have to churn through and the near-instaneous encoding, it`s somewhat annoying. After searching the Internet high and low for advice I came up empty handed, and so I ask Slashdot: are there any SATA DVD burners that don`t suck at ripping CDs? Read on for more details if you wish. Read more of this story at Slashdot.
C`tee moves renewable energy from wind to solar View Articles
A 300-megawatt quota for renewable energy development will move from the wind energy sector to that of solar power, following a meeting of the Ministerial Committee for Promoting Renewable Energy on Sunday.
Indiana experiencing surge in wind power market View Articles
Willis and his wife Noramae have lived in their home on Indiana Highway 13 near Elwood for over 40 years.
Governor To Visit Wind Energy Farm View Articles
Gov. Deval Patrick and state Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Ricahrd Sullivan are scheduled to pay a visit on Monday to the Hoosac Wind Power project, which is being built in the western Massachusetts towns of Florida and Monroe.
Gas-rich Qatar to invest up to $20 billion in solar energy plant View Articles
OPEC member Qatar will ask firms to tender for a 1,800 megawatt solar energy plant in 2014 costing between $10-20 billion as the world`s highest per capita greenhouse gas emitter seeks to increase its renewable energy production.
Senator Chuck Grassley Video: Extend the PTC View Articles
Senator Chuck Grassley is leading bipartisan support for an extension of the production tax credit for wind energy. He`s making the case that as much energy as possible — both traditional and renewable — should be produced at home to create jobs and strengthen national security. Said Grassley, "There`s no reason to exacerbate America`s unemployment
U.S. Offers Offshore Wind Power Leases on Three Atlantic States View Articles
The Obama administration will offer leases next year for wind-energy development off the coasts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Virginia, the Interior Department said.
Asia Report: India`s Wind Power Capacity Expected to Balloon by 2020, Says GWEC View Articles
India`s installed wind power capacity is expected to reach 89 GW by 2020 and 191 GW by 2030, according to a new report. This expansion in wind power is expected to attract $16.5 billion of annual investment, create 179,000 jobs and abate 179 tonnes of CO2 annually, the Wind Energy Outlook reported.
Falls Church Launches Challenge to Become Virginia`s First Green Power Community View Articles
Falls Church is vying to become Virginia`s first EPA Green Power Community by looking to procure 3% of the community`s energy from renewable sources.
Mercer Island, WA Seeks Subscribers for Green Power Challenge View Articles
Mercer Island, WA is looking to increase enrollment in Puget Sound Energy`s green power program in response to the Green Power Community Challenge.
Viridian Energy Expands Green Offers to D.C. and Delaware View Articles
Viridian Energy has expanded its green power offerings to Washington D.C. and Delaware, where it will offer its standard green power options of 100% power from renewable sources and 20% over the local renewable energy standards.
FairPoint Offers 100% Wind Power, Energy Cost Savings View Articles
FairPoint Communications now offers Maine and New Hampshire residents a green power product that can cut customers` energy supply costs, support local renewable energy development and/or purchase 100% wind power.
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