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Green Energy News for 05-12-2012

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Fiber Optic Spanner (Wrench) Developed View Articles
xclr8r writes "A technique to use fiber optics to adjust microscopic particles has been developed. `Rather than an actual physical device that wraps around a cell or other microscopic particle to apply rotational force, the spanner (the British term for a wrench) is created when two laser beams — emitted by a pair of optical fibers — strike opposite sides of the microscopic object, trapping and holding it in place. By slightly offsetting the fibers, the beams can impart a small twisting force, causing the object to rotate in place. It is possible to create rotation along any axis and in any direction, depending on the positioning of the fibers.` Applications of this technology can be used in a number of ways, including cancer research. This technology could be used to actually manipulate DNA. Associate Professor of Physics Samarendra Mohanty states that macroscale applications are a possibility, including `direct conversion of solar energy to mechanical energy,` or possibly using it to `simulate an environment in which photons radiated from the sun could propel the reflective motors in solar sails, a promising future technology for deep-space travel.`" Read more of this story at Slashdot.
Boosting heat transfer with nanoglue: New method for significantly... View Articles
Results of the team`s study, published in the journal Nature Materials , could enable new advances in cooling computer chips and lighting-emitting diode devices, collecting solar power, harvesting waste heat, and other applications.
Synchrotron gives insight into green energy enzymes View Articles
The work was published online Nov. 8 by the journal Angewandte Chemie . One option for powering clean, environment friendly vehicles is to run them on hydrogen fuel rather than carbon-based fuels.
Mystery: How Much Will Californians Pay for Renewable Energy? View Articles
How much will Californians pay for the growing amount of renewable electricity now that large solar farms have begun to take shape in some of the remote corners of the state? That`s an intriguing question that seems to draw no good answers.
Solar energy plans for old Welbeck colliery site View Articles
THE former colliery site at Welbeck, near Worksop, could be transformed into a solar energy farm if plans go ahead.
Apple doubles size of Catawba County fuel cell project View Articles
Apple plans to double the size of its Catawba County fuel cell project, the nation`s largest such venture not run by an electric utility, to 10 megawatts.
State`s green energy policies come with a high price tag View Articles
California`s push toward clean and renewable energy will likely translate into higher electric bills for both businesses and consumers, according to a newly released report.
New ARPA-E Awards Announced, with Low-Temp Geothermal Development Project at Yale View Articles
On November 28, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced 66 transformational or breakthrough technology projects to receive a total $130 million in a new round of funding through the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) "OPEN 2012" program. An award for $2,648,074 will be negotiated for a Yale University project with geothermal aspects that could help lower costs for low-temperature development.
Norway`s First Wind Farm on Hold After Lack of Political Support View Articles
Norway put development of its first planned offshore wind farm on hold until further notice, with the company involved citing a lack of political support, a setback in European efforts to boost renewable energy production.
Chemistry of the early universe revealed View Articles
A cloud of hydrogen gas illuminated by the brightest object in the early universe is helping astronomers understand conditions a few hundred million years after the Big Bang. The chemical composition of the cloud indicates that, in this region of space at least, the first generation of stars were still very young at this stage in the universe`s development.
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