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Green Energy News for 06-12-2012

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Solar Startup Silevo Scales Up, Even as Others Shut Down View Articles
The company thinks its novel solar technology can take on competitors in China.The global solar panel industry is struggling—major manufacturers have posted continued losses this quarter, mainly due to a saturated market that’s left them unable to charge enough for their panels. But one startup, Fremont, California-based Silevo, is bucking the trend of plant closures and bankruptcies by planning to build a new factory next year.
Ducted Wind Turbines: An Energy Game Changer? View Articles
Ducted turbine promises significant advances but delivery remains to be seen.When it comes to wind power, unconventional schemes to boost power and cut costs have never been wanting. Quiet Revolution offers a vertical axis turbine that looks more like a blender than a power generation device. WhalePower proposes mimicking on turbine blades the tubercles found on whale fins to increase power production.  Meanwhile Altaeros Energies is developing a flying donut to harness increased wind speeds found at higher elevations. 
We`re zooming ahead on green energy View Articles
Chief commissioner Professor Tim Flannery said wind energy made up about 26 per cent of the state`s electricity production, while one in five homes now had solar panels - the highest in the nation.
Navy to Host Largest Solar Energy Project in VA View Articles
The Virginian-Pilot reports the 10-acre solar farm just outside of Naval Station Norfolk contains more than 8,600 panels.
Apple Data Center Does Fuel Cell Industry a Huge Favor View Articles
Apple doubles the size of the fuel cell at its new data center, a potential new energy model for the cloud computing.Apple is doubling the size its fuel cell installation at its new North Carolina data center, making it a proving ground for large-scale on-site energy at data centers.
Middle East beginning to embrace solar energy View Articles
Covering nearly 300 football fields in a remote patch of desert, the Shams 1 solar project carries off plenty of symbolic significance for the United Arab Emirates.
U.S. Offshore Wind Market Becoming `Real` With European Interest View Articles
European energy companies are considering participating in U.S. offshore wind-farm auctions, a sign of increasing confidence in the viability of marine-based wind power off U.S. shores, according to Arcadia Windpower Ltd. President Peter Mandelstam.
New Head of Australia`s Green Fund Sees First Investment by July 2013 View Articles
The new head of Australia`s Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) expects the fund, set up by the ruling Labor government to invest A$10 billion (US$10.4 billion) in renewable energy, energy efficiency and low emissions technologies, to make its first investment in July 2013.
French Reactor Cost Rises Dramatically, Wind Energy Now Cheaper than New Nuclear View Articles
Liberation reports that for the second time in a little more than a year the cost of a new reactor under construction at Flamanville, France has risen dramatically.
[Report] Self-Terminating Growth of Platinum Films by Electrochemical Deposition View Articles
Control over the presence of adsorbed hydrogen enables rapid sequential deposition of metal monolayers from aqueous solution.Authors: Yihua Liu, Dincer Gokcen, Ugo Bertocci, Thomas P. Moffat
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