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Green Energy News for 21-12-2012

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Arcata council talks grow tax; considers alternative energy program View Articles
The Arcata City Council heard more details Wednesday about how and when the so-called marijuana grow tax will be implemented in the city.
Wind farm, wind energy, green energy, renewable energy View Articles
The wind industry has a deal for lawmakers: they`re willing to sacrifice their tax credit for deficit reduction, as long as it`s not snatched away too quickly.
Plug and Save DIY Solar Power System Makes Residential Green Energy More Accessible Than Ever View Articles
Solar power is a great option for those who want to generate green energy for their own home , but unfortunately, renters and apartment dwellers don`t always have the option to install solar panels.
Battle lines are drawn over plans for 80-acre solar plant in West valley View Articles
Residents of a remote Devon village are preparing to fight two planning applications in their valley which could see the building of the region`s largest cluster of solar power stations.
Wind in 2012: Booming in North America; Tops 100 GW in Europe View Articles
The past year has brought about a boom of wind energy project completions in the U.S. as developers have rushed to take advantage of the Production Tax Credit (PTC). Meanwhile, Latin American and Canada have also seen tremendous growth, signs that wind energy in other parts of the Americas is healthy and growing, despite what may happen near-term in the U.S.
Climate-Friendly Agriculture and Renewable Energy: Working Hand-in-Hand toward Climate Mitigation View Articles
Worldwide, agriculture contributes between 14 and 30 percent of human-caused greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions because of its heavy land, water, and energy use—that`s more than every car, train, and plane in the global transportation sector. Livestock production alone contributes around 18 percent of global emissions, including 9 percent of carbon dioxide, 35 percent of methane, and 65 percent of nitrous oxide.
Tracing Germany`s Energiewende Back to the US View Articles
Chancellor Merkel`s government has occupied the term Energiewende (clean energy transition) and made it its own, as if it had coined the moniker in the first place. In fact, its origins go back deep into West Germany’s mass movements and ultimately have their source in the United States, during the short-lived alternative energy boom of the 1970s.
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