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Green Energy News for 22-12-2012

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Mini-Tornadoes For Generating Electricity View Articles
cylonlover writes "Tornadoes generally evoke the destructive force of nature at its most awesome. However, what if all that power could be harnessed to produce cheaper and more efficient electricity? This is just what Canadian engineer Louis Michaud proposes to achieve, with an invention dubbed the `Atmospheric Vortex Engine` (or AVE). It works by introducing warm air into a circular station, whereupon the difference in temperature between this heated air and the atmosphere above creates a vortex – or controlled tornado, which in turn drives multiple wind turbines in order to create electricity. The vortex could be shut down by simply turning off the source of warm air. Michaud`s company, AVEtec Energy Corporation, reports that the system produces no carbon emissions, nor requires energy storage to function, and that further to this, the cost of energy generated could potentially be as low as US$0.03 per kilowatt hour." Read more of this story at Slashdot.
Solar Heated Hot Water View Articles
A solar energy company in Conklin is trying to spread the word that the sun can do more than create electricity.
State unveils online renewable energy mapping tool View Articles
The state unveiled a new online mapping tool Friday to showcase the distribution and locations of renewable energy resources throughout Hawaii.
Episode 87 - East Bay Green Corridor Advances the Green Energy Economy View Articles
Monika Weiss and Wolfgang Weiss, CSO and CEO/CTO, respectively, of East Bay Green Corridor was founded in 2007 to advance a green energy economy in nine East Bay Area cities, including Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville.
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