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Green Energy News for 28-12-2012

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Manipulating Light to Double Solar Power Output View Articles
An ARPA-E project will use advanced, nanostructured materials to make solar cells that convert far more of the energy in sunlight into electricity.Most solar panels convert less than 20 percent of the energy in the sunlight that falls on them into electricity. A new $2.4 million project funded by the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy aims to greatly increase the amount of sunlight that becomes electricity. Its goal is a conversion efficiency of more than 50 percent, which would more than double the amount of power generated by a solar panel of a given size. This would cut the number of solar panels needed in half and potentially make solar power more competitive with fossil fuels.
Man-made tornadoes may produce green energy View Articles
A tornado, along with thunderstorms and heavy rain, wreaked havoc in Auckland, New Zealand, killing three people.
Opinion: Silicon Valley`s Green Energy Mistake View Articles
Silicon Valley`s investment wizards are fleeing the so-called green economy, and not a moment too soon for American prosperity.
Investment in green energy View Articles
New pics showing the first of four giant biomass storage domes being erected at the Drax coal-fired power station in North Yorkshire as part of plans to transform it into a predominantly renewable energy generator DRAX Power Ltd has reaffirmed its green credentials after securing a commitment to finance its transformation into a predominantly ... (more)
Nebraska wind farm project awaits power buyers View Articles
A wind energy development company says it has almost everything lined up to build a 200-megawatt wind farm in northeast Nebraska.
Schleswig-Holstein Will Double Wind Capacity on Land View Articles
The German state of Schleswig-Holstein recently approved doubling the land area devoted to wind energy. The move is significant because the North-German land or state bordering Denmark has the highest concentration of wind energy in Germany.
Renewable Energy Review: India View Articles
Developers, manufacturers, investors and other renewable energy industry stakeholders need to know where the next big market is going to be so that they can adjust their business decisions accordingly.
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