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Green Energy News for 03-01-2013

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Wind energy tax-credit extension part of `cliff` deal View Articles
Wind turbines create electricity Jan. 1 in north Palm Springs, Calif. A one-year extension of a key tax credit for the wind industry was included in the fiscal cliff deal Congress passed.
IA-Renewable Energy-Tax Credits View Articles
The wind energy and ethanol industries celebrated a victory Wednesday with the inclusion of tax credit extensions in the tax relief bill approved by Congress, but that may not mean lost jobs will come back anytime soon.
MidAmerican to buy 2 Calif. Solar power projects View Articles
MidAmerican Energy is buying two solar power projects under construction in Southern California from SunPower Corp.
Congress Extends Wind, Biofuels Tax Credits View Articles
The bill Congress approved Tuesday night providing tax relief for most taxpayers also helps wind energy and ethanol producers by extending tax credits designed to encourage continued development.
£100m hydro plan objections grow View Articles
Conservationists say a dam for a planned £100m hydroelectric scheme could spoil a beauty spot on the edge of Snowdonia National Park.
Buffett holding makes California solar purchase View Articles
MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co., a unit of Warren Buffett`s conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, has purchased two solar power projects in a deal valued at between $2 billion and $2.5 billion.
Tax break extension breathes new life into U.S. wind power View Articles
The U.S. wind industry is powering up once again after Congress extended a critical tax credit that wind companies say will save tens of thousands of domestic jobs and allow more clean energy projects to ramp up this year.
U.S. Tax Credit To Benefit Wind Power In Va. View Articles
Advocates of wind power are celebrating the survival of a tax credit for research and development of renewable energy such as wind-generated electricity.
2013 Geothermal: Last-Minute PTC Revision Sparks a New Hope View Articles
The renewable energy industry had quite a bit to celebrate this week as 2013 rang in a PTC extension that many had feared would never come to fruition. Though the extension to January 1, 2014 greatly benefits the wind industry, whose PTC was set to expire at the end of 2012, it also included a provision that could be huge for geothermal development. This provision states that projects under construction by January 1, 2014 would quality for the PTC, rather than the previous rule that required projects to be completed and operational.
PTC Extension: Another Squeaker for Clean Energy View Articles
Well, `The Fiscal Cliff` theater was played out in Washington, and Congress included renewable energy in the final bill. According to the Renewable Fuels Association, the deal includes one-year tax-credit extensions for cellulosic biofuels, biodiesel, renewable diesel and algae-based fuel. The cellulosic bonus depreciation, which allows biofuel companies to expense up to half of their eligible capital costs in their first year, was also given a one-year extension. These advanced biofuels applications are critical for the U.S. to evolve its biofuels reliance onto non-foodstuff sustainable biomass – both wastes and non-arable land crops.
Concentrated Solar Power: Next-Generation Technologies Poised to Ramp up Utility-Scale Production View Articles
As 2013 begins, the concentrated solar power (CSP) industry in the U.S. is on the brink of a major turning point. After years of hesitancy to invest in CSP due to required increases in efficiency and cost reductions, a wide market acceptance of solar thermal power plants is knocking at the door, driven by the development of next generation technologies in thermal storage, heat transfer and plant components. These developments, along with the current U.S. political and solar power market, will drive lower costs and make utility-scale CSP commercially viable for the first time.
Harris LithoGraphics and GRAPHCOM Join Green-e Marketplace, Purchase 100% Renewable Energy View Articles
Harris LithoGraphis and GRAPHCOM have each joined the Green-e Marketplace by purchasing 100% renewable energy.
SC Johnson Powers Wisconsin Manufacturing Facility with On-Site Wind Power View Articles
With the addition of two on-site wind turbines, SC Johnson will now produce 100% of its electricity demand for its Racine, Wisconsin manufacturing plant.
Oregon State University to Begin Producing Solar Power View Articles
Oregon State University will begin producing its own on-site solar power as part of its Solar by Degrees program.
[Perspective] Atmospheric Science: How Was Early Earth Kept Warm? View Articles
Greenhouse warming by molecular hydrogen may have contributed to warming the surface of the early Earth.Author: James F. Kasting
[Report] Hydrogen-Nitrogen Greenhouse Warming in Earth`s Early Atmosphere View Articles
Absorption of solar radiation associated with H2-N2 collisions may have been key to warming the atmosphere of the early Earth.Authors: Robin Wordsworth, Raymond Pierrehumbert
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