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Green Energy News for 09-01-2013

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Pavegen: Sidewalk That Generates Energy Crowdfunding On Kickstarter View Articles
Renewable energy is a hot topic as scientists continue to search for new and better ways to harness electricity.
French Wind Power Covers Record 10 Percent of Demand View Articles
Right at the end of last year, on 29 December, wind power in France covered a record 10% of the country’s electricity demand, the French blog “habitat durable” reported. France’s wind power fleet reached a power production equivalent to 5,982 MW – the same level as six nuclear reactors. During the month of December in general, wind energy met 4% of
Lighthouse will show the way to wind power View Articles
An aging, wind-battered lighthouse about 13 miles off the coast of Virginia is set to gain new life as a test bed for technologies that could expedite the development of the offshore wind industry, the U.S. Department of Energy announced today.
Chinese Dam Builder Expands Reach in Solar Modules View Articles
Hanergy, a privately held company, has acquired MiaSolé of the United States, adding to its earlier purchase of a unit of the Germany firm Q Cells and its thin-film technology patents.
Green Column: Challenges Ahead for Wind Power Developers View Articles
Growth in China is expected to slow, a casualty of constraints on the electric grid. Spain, an important market in Europe, has stalled. And uncertainty persists about a U.S. tax credit.
Shale Gas Will Fuel a U.S. Manufacturing Boom View Articles
Chemical producers abandoned the U.S. in droves. Cheap natural gas is luring them back.People predicting a manufacturing renaissance in the United States usually imagine whirring robots or advanced factories turning out wind turbines and solar panels. The real American edge might be in something entirely more mundane: cheap starting materials for plastic bottles and plastic bags.
Hanergy Buys Thin-Film Solar Panel Maker MiaSole View Articles
Hanergy Holding Group Ltd. bought MiaSole Inc., a California-based thin-film panel maker backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and ArcelorMittal, to increase capacity in anticipation of a solar industry revival.
Valuing Finavera`s Wind Energy Deal With Pattern Reveals Buying Opportunity View Articles
On October 1st, following the failed sale of Finavera Wind Energy`s (TSX-V:FVR, OTC:FNVRF) 77 MW Wildmare Wind Energy Project to Innergex Renewable Energy Inc (TSX:INE, OTC: INGXF), Finavera announced that it was in talks with three potential bidders and would review all offers for the company. Finavera did not have much choice in the matter: the proceeds of the Wildmare sale had been needed to repay an overdue note to GE.
Yingli Ships Record Number of Panels; Market Awaits 2013 Outlook and Downstream Strategy View Articles
Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd. (YGE) says its preliminary tally of module shipments in 2012 exceeded 2.2 gigawatts (GW), a record high for the company, roughly a 37% increase from the ~1.6 GW it shipped in 2011. 4Q12 results aren`t due until late February 2013, but Yingli now says preliminary data suggests 4Q12 shipments also achieved a new record.
California Carbon Auction: Will Geothermal Value Finally Be Recognized? View Articles
While public support for climate change aid is growing, U.S. negotiators once again offered no binding agreements on emissions reductions at the most recent United Nations climate talks – a stance that is becoming all too familiar to nations that see U.S. participation as crucial. Meanwhile a divided Congress has held off regulating carbon emissions, and some experts doubt that the nation will mandate protection of the climate via legislative act in the foreseeable future. Given hesitancy at the top, it was an act of leadership when California introduced Assembly Bill 32, the mandate to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the state to 1990 levels by 2020.
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