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Green Energy News for 11-01-2013

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Hawaii`s solar photovoltaic industry optimistic about state`s renewable energy future View Articles
Eight executives from competing Hawaii solar photovoltaic companies expressed optimism for the future of renewable energy despite some challenges taking place now and some anticipated for the coming years.
California hits a renewable energy milestone View Articles
California has hit a major renewable energy milestone: state regulators reported Thursday that more than 1 gigawatt -- or 1,000 megawatts -- of solar power has been installed throughout the state through the California Solar Initiative, the state`s aggressive program to encourage homeowners, businesses, local governments and nonprofit organizations ... (more)
NREL and Stanford Team up on Peel-and-Stick Solar Cells View Articles
It may be possible soon to charge cell phones, change the tint on windows, or power small toys with peel-and-stick versions of solar cells, thanks to a partnership between Stanford University and the U.S. Department of Energy`s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).
LCC Campus Chat: Renewable Energy Technology View Articles
In an unsure economy, it`s important to prepare for occupations where jobs are available.
Apple Delves Deeper into Renewable Energy, Offers Wind Energy Storage Concept View Articles
Technology continues to change and expand faster than most consumers can keep up with – but many try their best. And the company that is arguably the most popular and innovative – the one that techies follow like groupies to a rock star – is Apple. But with each new feature, iTunes, iCloud, Apps, and more, comes a greater need for power, which is why Apple is hard at work to find renewable solutions for its ever-growing energy needs.
China Working to Cut Idled Wind Farm Capacity View Articles
China, the world`s biggest carbon emitter, is making progress in connecting idled wind farms to the electricity grid, helping to address a roadblock slowing the development of wind power.
IRENA: Shale-Gas Boom Can Complement Renewables to Cut Coal View Articles
boom in shale-gas extraction, the technique that made the U.S. the top producer of the fuel, would complement growth in renewables because both curb use of dirtier commodities, the International Renewable Energy Agency said.
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