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Green Energy News for 25-01-2013

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Audi to Make Fuel Using Solar Power View Articles
The automaker is using technology from SolarFuel to make renewable methane for natural-gas vehicles.Audi is building a plant that will use solar and wind power to make methane from water and carbon dioxide. The plant, which will use technology developed by Stuttgart, Germany-based SolarFuel, is scheduled to start operation later this year. It will produce enough methane to power 1,500 of Audi’s new natural-gas vehicles, which also go on sale this year.
Maine offshore wind project gets key approval View Articles
Norwegian energy giant Statoil gained key approval Thursday in its bid to build one of the nation`s first offshore wind power projects off Maine`s Boothbay Harbor.
McCrory says he backs wind farms off NC coast View Articles
Gov. Pat McCrory is telling the Obama administration that he supports plans that could one day see wind turbine towers poking out of the Atlantic Ocean miles off the North Carolina coast.
Obama climate push to tie environment, jobs: White House adviser View Articles
President Barack Obama will renew his push to spur investment in renewable energy projects that create jobs as a key part of his second-term strategy for tackling climate change, a top White House policy adviser said on Thursday.
Devolution `boosted green energy` View Articles
Devolution has played a significant role in the expansion of green energy, with Scotland leading the way, a new report has found.
Hyndburn councillor`s fears over `monstrosities` in green belt View Articles
A PLAN to erect a wind turbine behind homes has led to claims an area could turn into a `windmill city`. Installation of the 65ft tall monopole mast behind homes in Colliers Row, Oswaldtwistle, has seen a councillor speak out over the proposals.
Mystery of the Shrunken Proton View Articles
ananyo writes "The proton, a fundamental constituent of the atomic nucleus, seems to be smaller than was previously thought. And despite three years of careful analysis and reanalysis of numerous experiments, nobody can figure out why. An new experiment published in Science only deepens the mystery. The proton`s problems started in 2010, when research using hydrogen made with muons seemed to show that the particle was 4% smaller than originally thought. The measurement, published in Nature, differed from those obtained by two other methods by 4%, or 0.03 femtometers. That`s a tiny amount but is still significantly larger than the error bars on either of the other measurements. The latest experiment also used muonic hydrogen, but probed a different set of energy levels in the atom. It yielded the same result as the Nature paper — a proton radius of 0.84 fm — but is still in disagreement with the earlier two measurements. So what`s the problem? There could be a problem with the models used to estimate the proton size from the measurements, but so far, none has been identified. The unlikely but tantalizing alternative is that this is a hint of new physics." Read more of this story at Slashdot.
Silicon Nanoparticles Could Lead To On-Demand Hydrogen Generation View Articles
cylonlover writes "Researchers at the University of Buffalo have created spherical silicon nanoparticles they claim could lead to hydrogen generation on demand becoming a `just add water` affair. When the particles are combined with water, they rapidly form hydrogen and silicic acid, a nontoxic byproduct, in a reaction that requires no light, heat or electricity. In experiments, the hydrogen produced was shown to be relatively pure by successfully being used to power a small fan via a small fuel cell." Read more of this story at Slashdot.
Will France Give Up Its Role as a Nuclear Powerhouse? View Articles
The country, which gets most of its electricity from nuclear power, is debating whether to wean itself from that dependency.A council appointed by French President François Hollande is kicking off a government-sponsored nationwide debate that could shift France’s energy system from nuclear to renewable energy. It is a dramatic development in light of France’s outsized investment in nuclear energy: the country produces more nuclear energy than any country other than the United States, and it relies on reactors for more than three-quarters of its power generation, a higher rate than any other country.
Lower power bills the goal of SC solar energy bill View Articles
Considered one of the nation’s least-friendly states for solar energy, South Carolina is preparing for a fight over long-standing rules that utilities have used to block the expansion of sun power across the Palmetto State.
China Coal Producer Looks to Tasmania in Quest for Wind Energy View Articles
The Roaring Forties gales off Tasmania, where Hollywood swashbuckler Errol Flynn was first smitten with sailing, are luring Chinese investors with a different passion -- harnessing wind to generate electricity.
Novozymes Says Biofuel May Supply 90% of Its Revenue by 2030 View Articles
Novozymes A/S, the world’s biggest maker of enzymes used in laundry soap, may get 90 percent of its revenue from biofuel makers by 2030 if more governments start promoting renewable energy, the company’s next CEO said.
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