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Ever thought "I live in the city, other than a few little things there is not much I can do.". Well the goal in here is to start to find so more ways you can have a positive effect. We'd love your ideas too.

Here are some idea's on how you can do it.
  • Use less of course - see our 'use green' section.
  • Some electricity providers can agree to supply your power with green power. Sign up to them.
  • Plant a tree or put up some shade cloth to reduce the temperature in your house to cut down on air-con usage.
  • Solar garden lights.
  • Solar Battery charges.
  • Solar/wind powered pond pumps.
  • Outdoor lighting Projects.
  • Start small, have an experiment, Can you replace a lamp with green power, can you replace a rooms power?
  • Have a Shed - why not make it self sufficient.
  • Have a Garage - why not make it self sufficient.
  • Bicycle or Walk short distances.
  • Get a solar lawn mower to cut your lawns.
  • Awnings that open and close based on the incident sunlight.
  • Set your thermostats 1-2 degrees warmer (or cooler, depending on the season) than you normally would.
  • Install an on-demand water heater (biggest energy hog in most homes) or a solar hot water heater.
  • Know where your food comes from and perhaps eat less?
  • Whats your idea?

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