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So your producing green, here's how to uses less without sacrificing your standard of living.
  • Swap to a green energy provider.
  • Swap one bulb from 100 Watt to 60 Watt and save up to 130kgs of coal from being burnt. Hell swap all of them. And if your throwing caution to the wind buy the energy efficient globes and save up to 290kgs of coal per bulb.
  • Ultra-bright LED Lights. More information coming soon.
  • Hybrid or Low emission car.
  • Hydrogen Cars Coming Soon!
  • And like your dad always shouted if you leave the room....turn if off.
  • Next time you shop for anything electrical, just find out how much each uses. There is no need to go without just find out the differences and make it part of your decision. If they can tell you the kW per hour then times that number by 3230 and thats roughly how many kg's of coal it will burn if left on for a year.
  • Reduce the amount of power wasted with air cooler keeping your house more shadowed by planting tree etc.
  • Don't leave the porch light on; Buy those solar powered lanterns that charge in the day and stay lit all night.
  • Reduce your shower lengths with a Water Pebble
  • Use Compact Flourescent Bulbs.
  • On average 7% of your power is used by standby devices. 7% on things 'ready to be on' . Turn them off rather than using standby.
  • Install Pelmets on your windows.
  • Whats your idea?

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