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Canuckle Solar Tracker Version 2 - The Bearing

by Wayne
Made from off the shelf ABS fittings the Canuckle Bearing is easy to make with only hand tools and only cost a couple of dollars in parts. They can be used as part of a Canuckle drive or simply as a bearing component to a Canuckle frame. They are designed for low speed rotation only and should not be used in any application that requires continual or high speed rotation. Below are instructions on how to make a Cunuckle Bearing to be used on the Canuckle #2 solar tracker. This bearing is made from a 2" Cap (the deep cap is required as it has a raised inner diameter which fits the outer diameter of the 1.5" plug), a 1.5" drain plug and a collar piece cut from a 1.5" elbow.

Side View Cut-Away of Assembled Bearing

File the bottom of the square part on the drain plug to a smooth surface as the spur gear will be mounted on it. Drill a hole in the center of the square and mount the spur gear as shown in the above drawing. You can use a flat washers to adjust the height of the spur gear as required (refer to the drive page to see the required alignment). Check for proper alignment then remove the spur gear from th drain plug. Use a 2" hole saw to cut the top out of the 2" cap making sure the hole is centered. Cut the cap to the proper depth as per the drawing below which will position the spur gear at the proper height which is equal to the height of the worm gear. You may have to add extra length to the bottom skirt and/or add more washers beneath the spur gear as spacers.

Matching Bearing Dimensions to Drive Dimensions

Cut a .250 thick slice from the collar of a 1.5" elbow fitting to form a ring which will hold the drain plug into the cap. Insert the drain cap into the cap and secure the spur gear with a bolt, nut and lock washer. Press the ring into position and cement the bottom skirt piece into place. Check the height of the spur gear against the worm gear in the drive and make any adjustments by adding large washers as spacers under the spur gear. If you need to add height to the top or bottom skirts you can simply cut and cement pieces from any 2" collar. Drill two holes about 120deg apart at the same height as the spur gear and then cut out a slot between the two holes. This will provide the opening for the worm gear to mesh with the spur gear. Test the rotation and check for binding then cement the ring into place making sure that the drain plug can still rotate without binding. The Canuckle bearing is now complete.

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