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Canuckle Solar Tracker Version 2

by Wayne
This is the completed second version of the Canuckle Solar Tracker.

Canuckle #2 Solar Tracker Assembly Instructions

solar tracker version 2This solar tracker uses 1.5" and 2" standard ABS pipe and fittings for the frame. If you have any questions please email me publisher@greenwatts.info.

The Canuckle .v2 Solar Tracker is made from ABS plastic, recycled printer parts and a few nuts and bolts. You can convert ABS pipe into flat stock by simply heating it to around 225degF in an oven and pressing it until it cools. Flat stock can be cut to size by simply scoring with a utility knife and bending until the material breaks. When drilling ABS use a low speed drill to prevent overheating and melting of the ABS plastic. When bonding with ABS cement ensure good contact between surfaces and use plenty of bonding cement. You can also create ABS liquid by melting shaved ABS in acetone.

The base of the frame can be made to suit any mounting point. For seasonal elevation angle adjustments simply make a 90deg joint using a elbow or t-fitting and secure it by drilling holes at the required angles and securing it with a screw.

The top portion of the frame can be made to any size to fit the PV panel, reflector or mirror . Simply cut lengths of pipe to suit whatever you are mounting. The Canuckle #2 is designed for smaller PV panels, mirrors and reflectors.

A Video of it in Action

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