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Electrolysis Experiments.

We keep trying to make a good usable electrolysis device that we can use at home. So we thought we'd start to post what we had done to prompt for ideas and suggestions.

Mark 1
  • Very easy collection of both gasses.
  • Easy use after collection via the taps.
  • Easy to fill and maintain a small pressure.
  • Looks good.
  • Plates can not be replaced.
  • Very small collection area.
  • Stainless steel plates on Oxygen side dissolved during the process leaving a residue.
  • Completely enclosed so it can not be cleaned.
    For Next Time
  • Make it openable so it can be cleaned.
  • Make collection and generation separate so they can be modulised.
  • Make plates replaceable.
  • Choose a different material for the plates.

Mark 2
  • Easy to clean.
  • Plates can be replaced.
  • Graphite plates (Pencil Leads) did not leave much residue.
  • Difficult to use as not wholly contained.
  • Attachment of plates not very stable.
  • Collection of gases not great as not all left the device at the same point.
  • Medium for keeping gasses separate but allowing electrolysis temporary.
  • Graphite plates (Pencil Leads) still broken down after a while.
    For Next Time
  • Attach to platform for easy use.
  • Find better seperating medium.
  • Find better plate medium.
  • find better way to attach plates.

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