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VAWT Lenz V2

by faroun

What You'll Need

to build the turbine, you need the following material:
- 3 bicycle 29" wheels $5.00
- 12 lamminate flooring $20.00 ( .25"x8"x4'.4") (only for testing.)
- Various sizes of screws $7.00
- 3" PVC cut in 2 $50.00 or (cardboard tubing for start) (only for testing)
- wood or metal straping for the inside of rims to keep it from twisting apart. $10.00
- mider saw, band saw,...etc "$$alot of money for the tools$$"

This Turbine is only to present a diffrent idea on how to build one of these turbines. Use proper material for builing it permenently.

The Wheel

I got the wheel from garage sale a dollar a wheel.

the size is 29" diamater and 1" thick with 36 spoks
the wheel is 5.5lbs.

i am not sure if i am going to use the gear for the generator so lets not make a special placment for that reason.

so all 3 wheel should be the same size and 45.5" in between them.
the top and bottom wheels you need to remove 2 spoks every other 4 spoks
but the middle you need to remove 4spoks and leave 1 and so on.
that is it for the wheels for now, maybe later i need more work on them to brace 3 wheels together.

make sure you grease or oil them for better result.

The Wing

The wing is made of 2 parts, the wing surface and the wing leading edge.

the surface I used
floor lamminate' 4.4" long .25" thick, 8.25" wide and it is 4.5lbs

the leading edge is PVC tubing
3" PVC cut in 2 and 5' long 2.1lbs

i started by screwing the lamminat to the wheel first.

when the screwing was done, i then placed the pvc as the leading edge, i notched the pvc to fit through the wheel rim.
At this point i have screwed the PVC in place using few screws only, for further testing. i did try diffrent layout but the best so far is the 2/3 leading edge on the inside and a 1/3 to the outside of the lamminate board

The Inner PVC

this step simply came with the testing i did.
I relized that if i placed more Half cut PVC i Get More push but the need to be placed 60 degree the the wing surface and not parallel or 90degree.

at this point my plan is to figure out the best layout before permamnetaly fastin all parts.

next step will be the gen part, it may take me some time.

Note: this sucker spins like crazy with so little wind.

in total it weigh 125pound.
please review the movie and see how it preforms

The Generator

In this little step I simply macguyvered the bicycle sprockets to fit on a pm generator(crapy one) anyway it is there to show the idea, connected the 2 with a common chain and you can tell from the pics that I made a small latter for the chain not to come off....lol...

I think the idea is there, there are many way to improve on it.

next step I am hoping to build an custom Pm generator
axial flux style

Seeing it in Action

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