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VAWT Version 10

by faroun

What You'll Need

First we need:
--5 pvc tube. size 3"X10' (hardware store)$48
--3 bike wheels. size 12" (junk yard or ask your kid to use their bikes for a minute) maybe $5
--Ametek38 volt (ebay or surplus store) $60 (a problem with ametek, it needs 500 rpm to reach 14.1volt.
--Or buy windblue alternator (ebay) $250 it will only need 200prm to reach 14.1 volt
--1 square foot 1" plywood or anything 12" diameter (laying around)
-- 3 X 2x4 X 12' studs (from lumber store)$11

Should make about 100 watts

Cutting the PVC Pipe

1-I cut the tubes in the middle

2-Using a template, to where I want the hole so the pipe did not travel past the rim, I simply drilled the hole (as shown in the photos)

3-I laid the 1/2 pipes down alternating ends. We all know that the pvc has one end wider than the other to be able to fit to each other (phlange)

That was it for the pvc..really ...that was.

Preparing the Bike Rims

It takes 3 to tango on this one.

1-The rims are all the same size 12"

2-I removed the spokes on one side only

3-I left the top Rim as is and used the rim's axel as a bearing

4-I left the middel one as is

5-I drilled the bottom Rim out or cut off the axel cover including one end(shown in photos)

I then placed a piece of plywood on the bottom for support and cover for the generator. To find the centre, you simply use a thread and wind it through the removed spokes, and where they meet you will see a star and in the centre of the star is your mid point.

Building the Frame

1- It is a 12' high and 2' wide box.

2-I drilled a hole on the centre bottom of 2x4 for the Ametek back end little shaft to sit in (only an Ametek owner will understand this step)

3-I drilled a centre hole for the top axel to screw in, for the top section.

PVC Blade Assembly

Before you start you need to know that the spaces between the spokes vary closer to the centre, so use the wider side of the pvc on the more loose separation between the spokes on the wheel, that is why we Alternated the pvc end...remember.

1- Slide all bike Rims in place first

2-Screw the end rims first, one PVC at a time.

3-Once you finish the end Rims, then you screw down the mid one.

The Results

After all is good and it is spinning, I realised it can only go to a max of 350RPM before it starts to bulge.

The Ametek requires 500rpm to get 14.1 Volts.

Options are to gear the Ametek or to buy a WindBlue 12 volt alternator, or for me to make a Custom biuld Alternator.

So what Option do you think is the best?..

In total it cost me $125 plus screws and my time. Really cheap.

Seeing it in Action

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