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The "Hubo" Bicycle hub generator

by Pnilippe Paul

I have purchased 7inch diameter disks from the "Wagner companies" (info@mailwagner.com). Since the unit will have direct pole support, you could try the 10inch disks as well. First you will need a much longer and stronger rear bicycle wheel axle. Since the turbine will only spin in one direction (clockwise or counter clockwise) make sure that your turbine moves in the direction that the bicycle rear hub axle does, because some rear axles only move in one direction.The reality is that I think about this project everyday, and look for parts every other day.

In my first generator the stator platter (disk) was screwed onto the wall of the round aluminum cooking pot. This time the coils can also be screwed onto the wall of the enclosure individually. The coils will be held the same way I held them in the " bicycle wheel generator with magic rotor". However, the stator platter approach is cleaner (no loose wire connections between coils). Have it your way.

The bicycle hub holder can be thought of as the rotating top of a tower. That "top of the pole could be split from the tip, to slide down the hub in position. It could also be cut from one side to create a channel where the hub would fit. The cut will then need to be covered by a metal plate. Either way, the hub will be buried in part # 1. The bottom of part number 1 will fit a given tower. You will need to find a way to allow the whole unit to rotate with the wind.

If the unit that you can build is only capable of charging 6 volts batteries, then you will need to build more than one unit for higher voltages. One advantage is that they will not all stop working at the same time (modular).

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