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Batteryless Solar Fan

I needed an exhaust fan to move air out of my pantry. Now I don't need it all the time just when it is hot and it doesn't really matter whether it is on or off or for how long. So I looked into getting one installed and it would have cost a fortune. So I thought I'd get a solar one as I could do it myself and it would be free and green. So I asked about and people were working out X number of panels and batteries and charge controllers to keep a fan running 24x7. And that was expensive to and overkill. It didn't need to be fool proof, I wouldn't die if it the fan stopped. So with a bit of reading and advice I made this and thought I'd share it with everyone to show everyone it actually can be quite simple and cheap.

    What I used.

  • Solar Panel - 6 Watt, 12 volt solar panel off Ebay $40
  • Circuit box - Neat box from Dick Smith $12, not nessary but it looks better. Or you can make your own.
  • Fan - 12 Volt, 0.25A PC Fan from an old PC case that I found (but you can but them for $2-3).
    PC fan
  • Capacitor - Large 25V capacitor ripped out from the old computer I found. Just look through any old electronics and take out the largest one you can find the is rated above 20 Volts (written on the side of it). The one found was 4700uF is probably overkill but eh.
  • Wire - I had some lying around as I'm sure you do.

The wiring is as. Connect the positive from the panel to the positive on the capacitor to the positive on the fan. Then the negative on the panel to the negative on the capacitor to the negative on the fan. The panel will power the fan and any excess power will build up in the capacitor, like a small battery. When a shadow crosses the panel, the build up in the capacitor keeps the fan going, so the when the panel gets sun the fan should run pretty smoothly, which makes for better air flow. I cut a hole in the base and lid of the box and hot glued the parts in.

Batteryless Solar Fan Circuit

homemade Batteryless Solar Fan project

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